Greetings MHA Family,

As we reflect on 2021 and envision the year to come, we are in gratitude for the generosity of our supporters, volunteers, community, staff, and board. The demand for mental and behavioral health services continues to grow and will continue for years to come. We are ill-equipped across the world to meet the demand that is ahead. We must meet the need with innovative ideas, partnerships, proven outcomes, and stigma reduction.  With that said, key stakeholders in our community continue to provide advanced initiatives through partnerships to address our mental health needs. Thank you all for your hard work this last year, and we look forward to continued collaborations and relationships in 2022. 

To hear more about the work, please visit our annual meeting video and check out our newsletter below that includes:

  • 2022 MHA Board of Directors 
  • New Staff Announcement
  • 2021 Reflection Video
  • 2021 Mental Health Screening Data
  • Upcoming Events & Campaigns

Lastly, I would like to send my thoughts to all the families and friends that have lost a loved one in 2021. The grief is overwhelming in our community with the loss of life from addiction, mental illness, COVID, physical disease, and unforeseen tragedy. On behalf of MHA and the many partners of our agency, please know we are here for you. Please reach out when needed.  



2022 MHA Board of Directors

🌟 Announcing our 2022 Board of Directors! 🌟

We are very excited to have such an exceptional group of leaders in our community coming from diverse educations, backgrounds, and perspectives to help us promote and sustain good mental health in the new year. THANK YOU to all of our 2022 board members, both returning and new!

WELCOME new board members Grazia Perella from Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Hang Lor from the Sheboygan Police Department, Zac Vredeveld from HTT Inc - World Stamping, and Danielle Lange from DAVE, Inc.

We are also excited to announce Rev. Kristal Klemme of First Congregational United Church of Christ, Plymouth as our new board president!

Lastly, we are indebted to our 2021 board members Carol Sherman Haid, Dr. Thomas Campbell, and Rebecca Rupnick who will be leaving the board, but we look forward to staying connected as mental health champions in our community!

Welcome, Dana Bear,
Director of Strategy & Partnerships

We are so fortunate to have Dana join our team as an employee after serving on the Board of Directors for five years and as Board President in 2021.  She comes to us from our long-time MHA supporter company, Acuity Insurance. She has already brought MHA Sheboygan wisdom and leadership, and we can't wait to see what more she brings to our community.

Dana earned her degree in Community Engagement and Education with a minor in psychology, focusing heavily on community-based nonprofits and advocating for change through community-organized initiatives and partnerships.

She has always had a passion for mental health and wellness; after spending most of her career in the corporate world, she decided to take the leap and pursue her passion full-time at MHA. She has a diverse background in market research and analysis, leading interdepartmental teams, diverse industry associations partnerships and promotions, content creation, philanthropic giving campaigns, and event planning.



2021 Reflection Video

2021 was another very difficult year but still filled with much hope and community connection. MHA in Sheboygan County worked diligently together with our community partners, donors, and organizations to support the community with advocacy, resources, education, and events to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide as well as provide care and connection for those who have experienced great loss and tragedy.

Please take a moment to watch the reflection video from 2021 to learn more about our efforts from last year.

2021 Mental Health Screening Data

Mental Health Screenings through MHA National are an important tool that can be used confidentially and without cost to help learn more about mental health challenges while specifically finding what resources and help an individual might need according to their personal situation. 

This past year saw a large increase in screening with 1417 screens completed (compared to 377 screens in 2019 and 982 screens in 2020.) This trend may be disturbing, but we are also glad to see so many people reaching out to get help. Click below to see the overall data for Sheboygan County for adults and youth. CLICK HERE to take a mental health screen today.


May is Mental Health Month

May 2022 is Mental Health Month with the theme of Mental Health 101. Once again and there are many great campaigns, events, and initiatives that we will be leading to help reduce stigma surrounding mental health, raise awareness around suicide and prevention programming as well as promote good mental health for all. We hope you and your workplace or community organization may join us in the task!


Stay tuned for more events and information along the way! If you would like your business or community organization to be a part of the initiative, please email Julie at or call 920-458-3951 for more information. Mental Health Matters in Sheboygan County!

Run with the Angels 5K & Dinner

MHA Sheboygan County is honored to be chosen as the beneficiary for the 6th annual Run With Angels. Run with the Angels is an incredible event where you may walk or run in honor of a loved one who has passed and be surrounded and supported by so many others who share in the common tragedy of grieving the loss of a loved one.

The loss of a loved one is life's most stressful event and can cause a major emotional crisis. After the death of someone you love you experience bereavement, which literally means "to be deprived by death." (From MHA National website). Come together in grief and remembrance to honor a loved one lost to any circumstance.

Local artist Evelyn Grasse, who generously donated her work for our 2022 MHA Mental Wellness Calendar, will be the featured artist on the Blind Horse specialty wine for the event. Silent auction and a 5-course wine and food pairing dinner will occur Thursday, June 16th before the weekend of the run. 

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, attending, or donating to the cause, please contact Julie at 920-458-3951 ext. 1003 for more information.



“What I love about therapy is that they’ll tell you what your blind spots are.
Although that’s uncomfortable and painful, it gives you something to work with.”

— Pink


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